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My first job!

Yay, I got my first job as a designer! Well, it is just a 1 month job for my holidays! To me, this job is cool because the pay is good, and you don’t have to go out! You can wake up at whatever time you want and just have to make sure you manage to finish your work. Well, It is stressful because I have to think of many creative ideas for a brochure, poster and booklet design. Every individual design must be creative, attractive and look professional. Luckily, I manage to have my friends to help me out. haha, that means we shared the pay.
In other words, my pay gets lesser, but it doesnt really matter because after all, all of us gain experience and learn more during the holidays! Also, design is pretty fun if u are enjoying designing! YES, I do feel stress because what you design, if boss don like, it means u wasted ur time!
Hopefully, everything will turn out well, and perhaps I will post my design here if my design got selected!

Ohya, I joined a design competition recently. It is a mooncake box design and thanks to my lecturers and friend who gave me that opportunity to win. Muahahha… Well, I’m still not sure if I really win because the ‘in-charge’ emailed us that NYP won the competition, but the thing is: I thought there is only 1 winner? Well, the price reward is $2500. Because I’m working with a friend on that competition, means I only get $1,250. If plus my salary from the job, I will get about $1600! Woohoo! Gonna buy the pantone swatches thingy from art friend and treat my family one big feast! Spent on some clothing and save the rest! or maybe a bdae present for a friend!



Having bad Temper~

Recently, I was really random. haha~ I bought a new shelf ┬ábecause my things were tooo messy and there are not enough spaces to store them… Well, now my things are more organize and less dust liao..

Bad temper bad temper. I felt angry easily this few days and I cant find a perfect reason why the sudden change! The story: I got a nice movie and I watched together with my family together one night. Well, my father just said one sentence and I got super angry. He said: Eh.. this movie not nice la! I was holding my anger at the moment and told myself to cool down. I kept finding reasons to stop myself from blowing up… after that day, I feel that I got angry within secs and not a good reason!

The second time I got angry was because got a stupid quarrel with my sis~ Didnt talk to her for quite a long time already~ I even threw my dinner on the floor and shouted at her! hais, to think of it right now, I feel I was really too much. Hope everything will turn better and my temper go back to normal. Perhaps I should laugh and smile more! HAHAHA! Not gonna throw anything  because of being angry !

OH, ALSO! I made a video too… Really random and did it to show my friends how my pc looks like at that moment~ Er, just to add on. I was listening to this song, jump and fall by Taylor Swift, and I got an idea of making a video.. Thats why I called it random~ hahahahah


I also designed this event poster:

However, I realise the background have no link to the theme badminton… well, done this in approximately 5 mins or less~ Thanks for the guy who took this picture and the person who share with me.
I finally understand why health and family is more important than anything else.

Hi there!

This is my first post in this new blog. This Purpose of this blog:

1. To act like a portfolio showing all my works and stuff I did.

2. To be a simple journal for me.

3. To learn more about Visual Communication.

4. My photoshop tutorials and references from other people out there.

Thats all for now, got to go~

Happy Go Lucky!

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