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Having bad Temper~

Recently, I was really random. haha~ I bought a new shelf ┬ábecause my things were tooo messy and there are not enough spaces to store them… Well, now my things are more organize and less dust liao..

Bad temper bad temper. I felt angry easily this few days and I cant find a perfect reason why the sudden change! The story: I got a nice movie and I watched together with my family together one night. Well, my father just said one sentence and I got super angry. He said: Eh.. this movie not nice la! I was holding my anger at the moment and told myself to cool down. I kept finding reasons to stop myself from blowing up… after that day, I feel that I got angry within secs and not a good reason!

The second time I got angry was because got a stupid quarrel with my sis~ Didnt talk to her for quite a long time already~ I even threw my dinner on the floor and shouted at her! hais, to think of it right now, I feel I was really too much. Hope everything will turn better and my temper go back to normal. Perhaps I should laugh and smile more! HAHAHA! Not gonna throw anything  because of being angry !

OH, ALSO! I made a video too… Really random and did it to show my friends how my pc looks like at that moment~ Er, just to add on. I was listening to this song, jump and fall by Taylor Swift, and I got an idea of making a video.. Thats why I called it random~ hahahahah


I also designed this event poster:

However, I realise the background have no link to the theme badminton… well, done this in approximately 5 mins or less~ Thanks for the guy who took this picture and the person who share with me.
I finally understand why health and family is more important than anything else.


Hi there!

This is my first post in this new blog. This Purpose of this blog:

1. To act like a portfolio showing all my works and stuff I did.

2. To be a simple journal for me.

3. To learn more about Visual Communication.

4. My photoshop tutorials and references from other people out there.

Thats all for now, got to go~

Happy Go Lucky!

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